Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rabble Rabble Rabble

Esh three posts and none of them to do really about anything... I feel like we're on that South Park episode when climate change is coming and none of the other... er Al Gore people know what to do. Anyway its less then a week before Fashion Weeks begin, and I have to say I am a tad excited...dinner with mom's boyfriend seems to be going smoothly at this point but we shall have to see.

I do have two more photos that I thought were neat from our previous photo shoot. The grain on the first one is a little heavy, but I still think it came out alright. As for the second I thought it was just a neat contrast and angle.

Meh there kinda random I know, but I just thought you all might enjoy them.

And while were on a editorial/ad rampage I thought I would post these two shots as well, a couple ads from Lanvin (although they are a season or two back...2007 I believe or maybe spring 2008). I have to say Alber Elbaz has quickly become a god in my eyes, each one of his designs seem so iconic almost that I can barely keep myself from exploding.

His most recent work was quite good as well, come late September or Early October during Paris we will of course be having a entire post dedicated to his show.

I really wish right now that the internet allowed more face to face, as I deem this a Julia Child moment when she SCREAMS her name (like in the movie)....


& Luke Hannah Laurie

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In-tree-gue said...

omg those lanvin ads are breathtaking. And your dress is perfect