Monday, August 31, 2009

Young, Rich and French

It can't be denied that Marie Antoinette was one of France's most memorable queens. She got that country riled for a revolution faster than you can say "oh-la-la!" with a cheesy French accent, but you must admit, she looked good doing it. With her teensy pink lips and her gargantuan teased tower of feather and jewel laced gray hair she took France by a storm. A storm swirling with big bows, delicated ruffles, trunkfuls of jewels and some of the flounciest sleeves I've ever laid eyes on.

Though ol' Marie helped to drive her country broke with all of her lavish parties, clothes and jewelry, based on her portraits it might have been worth it. Either way, anyone with skirts that poofy and that many feathers in their hair will always have my vote for fabulous fashion icon.

Hannah Laurie Luke

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lancelonie said...

Yes, she is richly fabulous! :)