Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The moon that has become our ego...

Tavi posting something about Marie Antoinette right after us, coincidence I think not. Will SOMEONE please shoot down the small moon orbiting earth that has become our ego?

If you haven't already seen her site though, please check it out as it is nothing short of amazing, and a total inspiration for life.

Balenciaga's Fall 2009 ad's are out, and they look nothing short of stunning. Still find myself waiting...waiting...waiting for fashion shows to begin, can barely even think about the two tests I have tomorrow. Found time to blog though, but this is SOOO much more important anyway.

(Picture via Fashionologie)

(Picture via ShoppingBlog)

I really like the colors they choose for the pictures and how the interesting designs on each piece seem to almost contrast the stark greens and yellow that are presented so close to her. Jennifer Connelly did a wonderful job, and DARE I even mention how fabulous those shoes are?

Balenciaga Resort 2009 by aluminumbridges.

Resort wear for Balenciaga was also really neat, these were some of my more favorite pieces...

Hopefully this weekend (maybe Friday) we can push in another fashion shoot and post some more pics, I have found posting editorial/ads to be almost like cheating...meh.

Luke Laurie Hannah

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