Monday, August 31, 2009

Young, Rich and French

It can't be denied that Marie Antoinette was one of France's most memorable queens. She got that country riled for a revolution faster than you can say "oh-la-la!" with a cheesy French accent, but you must admit, she looked good doing it. With her teensy pink lips and her gargantuan teased tower of feather and jewel laced gray hair she took France by a storm. A storm swirling with big bows, delicated ruffles, trunkfuls of jewels and some of the flounciest sleeves I've ever laid eyes on.

Though ol' Marie helped to drive her country broke with all of her lavish parties, clothes and jewelry, based on her portraits it might have been worth it. Either way, anyone with skirts that poofy and that many feathers in their hair will always have my vote for fabulous fashion icon.

Hannah Laurie Luke


DAMN Marc Jacobs and his ability to read my mind years before I even think the thought...

Not really a fan of that purple bag (Wal-Mart anyone??) but I love the idea of people wondering if I happen to be wearing shorts...and that jacket is pretty cool. I actually heard that Marc J. has been having some trouble lately with his latest lines and that in store they are not preforming well. It should be interesting to see how he combats this at Fashion's Night Out and of course Fashion week!!!

I feel like we're in that movie Jaws with the music playing as we all wait to see what happens this go-around for Fashion Week.... the awkward in-between lull like when having diner at your mom's new boyfriends house for the first time... esh!

While we're on this topic though, what does a bitch have to do around here to get her/his hands on a pair of these heels??

I have never really been one for the whole Cheetah print thing but I'm pretty sure even Jesus would have a hard time getting these shoes off my feet if they ever so happened to grace them.

Thats all I have for now I suppose... off to go do loads of homework my teachers have graciously given me. *sigh*

Luke Hannah Laurie

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The most underground fashion blog out there...

The fact that it took us about 6 hours to find our own damn blog is a tad troubling I do suppose. Thanks a lot Google search.

Well we took a small photo shoot yesterday before going to see Inglourious Basterds, which by the way is a wonderful movie. I actually spent half the time dissecting Emmanuelle Mimieux clothes... not a good sign. Anyway, I don't think we really hit any specific theme come to think of it during this shoot...

Construction hats, high waistline rainbow shorts, and the Native American salute vest really seem to bring out the...well you get my drift.

Either our picture sizes will change or something because I do not like the background (minima black lives forever!!), so this post might change a bit. Click on the pics to make them original size, or at least to see the right side of the picture.

Luke Hannah Laurie

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dumpster Decorations

Crickets Crickets Crickets...

God we must sound so contrived. Here we are wearing zebra prints, brown slacks and a floral romper that was probably someone's dining room drapes during the 1960's talking about fashion and the latest trends that will only end up as dumpster decorations next season. Select pieces to come as we get this more online, the revolt is here....

Hannah Laurie Luke