Monday, September 7, 2009

   Indeed, everyone has been holding there breath with excitement for one of the most anticipated films upcoming in 2010: 

   Only Johnny Depp, only Helena Bonham Carter, only Tim Burton could manifest this work of brilliance from the eerie and beloved tale of Alice in Wonderland. There is no doubt it will be beyond spectacular. The costumes already look intriguing! 

    DISCLAIMER: We all might go insane because of two words: Fashion Week. Oh Gawwd. It begins tomorrow and then is followed by seven days of designer holiness. I'd say I'm most looking forward to the Alexanders, McQueen and Wang. Both consistently surprise and delight!

Alexander Wang 2009


Alexander McQueen 
A/W 2006

This was my favorite season, ruffles and giant butterflies...
I cannot bear to wait to see what the runway will reveal this year!

More thoughts and rambles from us soon, xx

Laurie Luke Hannah

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In-tree-gue said...

Alice in Wonderland and fashion week, what excitment!