Sunday, August 30, 2009

The most underground fashion blog out there...

The fact that it took us about 6 hours to find our own damn blog is a tad troubling I do suppose. Thanks a lot Google search.

Well we took a small photo shoot yesterday before going to see Inglourious Basterds, which by the way is a wonderful movie. I actually spent half the time dissecting Emmanuelle Mimieux clothes... not a good sign. Anyway, I don't think we really hit any specific theme come to think of it during this shoot...

Construction hats, high waistline rainbow shorts, and the Native American salute vest really seem to bring out the...well you get my drift.

Either our picture sizes will change or something because I do not like the background (minima black lives forever!!), so this post might change a bit. Click on the pics to make them original size, or at least to see the right side of the picture.

Luke Hannah Laurie


Brian said...

okay, guys this is legit. for real. really liking whoever is writing the posts, sounds like luke, but i could be wrong.

Michael said...

I love it, it's fabulous

Love the style of writing and the images, that waistcoat (vest) is just glorious ;)

Great work